Reconstruction with Changes: Peru Gov't foresees over 360 projects in 13 regions

15:13 | Lima, Mar. 26.

Peru's Transport and Communications Ministry (MTC) plans to execute 367 land infrastructure projects in 13 regions across the country, for which the Government will allocate S/5.912 billion (about US$1.826 billion) thru 2020.

The MTC plans a two-phase strategy for the implementation of such works. 

During the reconstruction stage —scheduled for this year— the ministry will restore all the roads damaged by Coastal El Niño weather phenomenon.

The infrastructure improvement plan will be carried out during the second stage, known as the "changes stage" (2019-2020). Definitive technical studies will be completed to do so.

"This way, the MTC will restore and improve 222 bridge structures, for which the Government will allocate S/1 billion (about US$308 million)," MTC Coordinator for Reconstruction with Changes Paulo Mesia indicated.

According to Mesia, a total of nine permanent bridges are expected to be built under the Works for Taxes mechanism. Also, the process to acquire 60 modular bridges is projected to kick off during the last quarter of the year.

Works for Taxes is an income tax payment mode that allows companies to pay part of their tax bill by investing in public works, thus eliminating government institutions' need to mobilize public funds.

"Also, the reconstruction of 1,575 kilometers of 89 national roads —for which the Government will spend S/4.333 billion (around US$1.33 billion)— will decongest vehicular traffic and 56 local roads will be repaired at a cost of S/578 million (about US$178.5 million)," the government official added. 


Published: 3/26/2018
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