President Vizcarra: There is legal stability for investments in Peru

10:45 | Lima, Feb. 25.

President Martin Vizcarra affirmed the situation of corruption-tainted Odebrecht is different than that of other enterprises operating in Peru, adding there are legal stability and investment promotion in the country.

In this sense, the Head of State indicated the Brazilian company's corruption is a nightmare for politicians who have been caught committing this crime. It also makes things difficult for businesses and harms other projects. 

However, he affirmed this is an exception to the rule, as the majority of projects are carried out in the Inca nation without any problems. 

"We hope we can reverse this situation in order to, once again, re-launch investments in Peru. We all know it (the country) has a great investment potential that can generate progress and development," the top official told Spanish newspaper El Pais.  

Likewise, the statesman pointed out Peruvian citizens have realized corruption is largely the cause of the development gap. This was proven in the results of the December 2018 referendum.

Furthermore, he mentioned transparency is necessary to ensure the bills —submitted by the Executive Branch— are debated and approved in Congress.  

Concerning the economy, the Head of State highlighted the launch of the competitiveness policy and expressed he is confident macro-economic indicators will be better than the ones registered in 2018. 


Published: 2/25/2019
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