President Piñera: Peru, Chile likely to be fastest-growing countries in LatAm

17:41 | Paracas (Ica region), Oct. 10.

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera on Thursday said that both Peru and Chile might capture the top spot as the fastest-growing country in the region.

Nowadays, he explained, countries are going through difficult times and facing challenges like climate change, global warming, international trade difficulties, and a trade war between two world powers, which affects the economy around the globe.

Latin American nations are not indifferent to the global crisis and, in this context, both Peru and Chile must strive to steer the course and be the shining light for other nations in the region that are being hit by economic recession or political crisis.

"Therefore, we are likely to compete for the top spot as the fastest-growing country, a healthy competition that we take with great enthusiasm," Piñera told his Peruvian counterpart.

As for the Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet, Piñera recalled that last year's meeting in Santiago agreed on 160 measures, and stressed that 92% of them have already been implemented.

"Now, we will make 160 additional commitments that are not mere paper instruments, but place obligations," he expressed.

His remarks were made during the opening of the 3rd Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet in Paracas (Ica region). 

The gathering addressed five thematic axes: i) Social issues and culture for integration; ii) Security and defense; iii) Foreign trade, investments, tourism, as well as cooperation in science and technology; iv) Environment, sustainable development, as well as energy and mining issues and; (v) Border development and integration, as well as infrastructure issues.

It must be noted Binational Cabinets constitute a mechanism for political dialogue between two nations with the purpose of working on specific issues of common concern included in the bilateral agenda.  


Published: 10/10/2019
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