President: Economic Reactivation's Phase 2 to generate 500,000 jobs in Peru

14:50 | Lima, Jun. 4.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed that the approval of the Economic Reactivation's Phase 2 will allow the economy to operate at 80% and favor the recovery of 500,000 jobs.

"The intention, during Phase 2, is to gradually resume some activities for the economy to operate at 50%, at 80% capacity," he expressed.

The Head of State said that an economy operating at 80% capacity will help meet the demand of Peruvians in a more comprehensive manner.

"An economy that operates at 80% (capacity) is closer to 100%, so the population's needs shall be met and supported in full," he pointed out.

Mr. Vizcarra predicted that Phase 2 of the economic reopening will help create 500,000 jobs —the same number of jobs that were lost due to the pandemic.

"We have to resume these economic activities, thinking that their implementation will be feasible, and this will be made possible with the support of companies, workers, and citizens (…). Resuming the activities is necessary, as well as containing the spread of the virus," he underlined.

On the other hand, the top official remarked that greater emphasis will be placed on the resumption of small and medium-sized enterprises.

"We also have to think about medium, small, and micro-sized enterprises, not only about the large-sized ones. They have to be incorporated into the economy little by little," he emphasized.

On this occasion, the President was joined by members of the Council of Ministers. The event was held at the Government Palace in Lima.

Thursday marks the eighty-first day of mandatory social isolation in Peru.


Published: 6/4/2020
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