Peru economy expected to operate at 85% capacity in Phase 2 of reopening

12:09 | Lima, May. 25.

Economy and Finance Minister Maria Antonieta Alva has estimated that the Peruvian economy is expected to be operating at 85% capacity by the end of Phase 2 of Peru's reopening plan consisting of four stages.

According to the economy and finance sector's head, the decision to implement one of the most stringent quarantines to tackle the coronavirus pandemic was based on the country's difficult structural conditions, such as informality and deficiencies in the health system.

"We had to impose a quarantine that made the productive activity operate at 44%, and the goal is to operate at about 85% by the end of Phase 2," she said in statements to Cuarto Poder TV show.

On the other hand, the minister highlighted the decree approved Saturday, which allows a broader resumption of economic activities that, from the economic point of view, will stimulate those directly linked to the well-being of citizens.

"It is doubly beneficial, not only for the goods and services that households will be able to consume, but for the number of people who will provide these services and start generating income again," she expressed.

According to Alva, people will now be able to leave home for medical appointments that have to do with laboratory diagnosis services, as well as odontology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, human reproduction, and veterinary services.

Additionally, Peruvians can use mobile applications to order food delivery from restaurants as well as request services from computer technicians, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, and maintenance experts.

The Cabinet member explained that people are able to buy clothing, footwear, appliances, school supplies, among others, via e-commerce.


Published: 5/25/2020
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