Peruvian SMEs seek new markets in Europe

12:19 | Brussels (Belgium), Dec. 10.

Six Peruvian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) took part in an apparel sector trade mission to Brussels, Antwerp, and Liege organized by Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) and Trade Office of Peru in Belgium (OCEX Brussels).

The activity was held as part of the European program Al Invest 5.0 that gives support to SMEs in their internationalization process.

Six Peruvian companies —Alberto Caceres, Bombicis, Cotton Project, HTF Export, Knitting Peru, and Rafaella Orellana— met with Belgian brands, designers, showrooms, and agents over three days of activities.

"This is a signal that European companies have a very positive perception of Peruvian ones. Buyers are always very busy and move to mass-producing countries such as China, Viet Nam, India, Bangladesh, and Turkey," said Rosario Pajuelo, Director of Trade Office of Peru in Brussels.

"So these missions are more effective for countries like Peru which has a higher quality offer," she added

B2B Meetings

The mission intended to offer a better knowledge of the Belgian market trends for a better adaptation of the knitting production —especially in terms of design— colors, textures, etc. 

These activities are part of a B2B Matchmaking Meeting at OCEX Brussels headquarters.

Pajuelo affirmed that a different dynamic has been applied for meetings this time. 

"During the first two days, each mission member visited a potential client separately. The fact of meeting directly at the facilities of Belgian buyers reflects a true determination of Peruvian companies to seek their clients no matter the long distances between cities," she explained.

Likewise, she indicated certain companies practically closed orders during the meetings, while others obtained technical specifications to prepare quotations.

Textile development

"We are very satisfied with the degree of development that our garment industry has reached, mainly in accessories, as well as clothes for babies and children. Some Peruvian brands may start introducing their own brand in the European market from next year," Rosario Pajuelo stated.

Additionally, she remarked Peru has the distance and longer lead time as main handicaps, but in favor an offer with fine finishing, use of natural fibers, and a Free Trade Agreement that gives us zero custom tariff at the entrance to the European market.

Finally, participants had the chance to attend the opening of the fabulous exhibition INCA Dress Code —curated by the Art and History Museum of the city of Brussels (open until March 24, 2019) with the support of the Embassy of Peru in Belgium. 

Peruvian textiles were very prestigious in their society, as symbols of power and identity, and were also used for gifts or exchange. 

The more than 200 objects in this exhibition, from a number of different collections, reveal the Incas' mastery of weaving and the brilliant colors of their textiles, as well as their use of feathers, gold, silver, and shells in clothing.


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Published: 12/10/2018
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