Peru's President: There are no grounds for impeachment

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra. Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

16:12 | Lima, Sep. 16.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed that the facts by which Congress raised an impeachment motion against him —over alleged permanent moral incapacity— do not constitute a cause, adding that in any case they should be investigated in the corresponding instances.

The Head of State indicated that the filing of a competence claim and precautionary measure —by the Executive Branch in the face of the proceeding expresses a concern over the institution of the Presidency of the Republic and does not speak of any particular person.

"The central objective of the defense is to explain that the facts do not constitute the cause of vacancy over permanent moral incapacity; in any case, they must be investigated in the corresponding instances," he expressed.

In this sense, the top official explained that his constitutional term in office ends in 10 months (July 28, 2021) and that it is necessary for the Constitutional Court to clarify the underlying conceptual issue. Since the moment that this concept was included in the Constitution during the 19th century, it was called on former Presidents: Jose de la Riva Agüero, Guillermo Billinghurst and Alberto Fujimori.

"In the last four years alone, the attempt to apply this concept was made three times, which shows that it is becoming increasingly necessary to interpret its scope so that it is not used excessively," he stated.

"In Peru, the rule is that presidents remain in office with a five-year mandate and are removed for exceptional reasons that result in a vacancy," he added.

For this reason, the statesman considered that the grounds for vacating a President of the Republic "must be objective and restrictively interpreted."

"Despite the statements of various political leaders opposed to the vacancy, Congress continues with the proceeding. We have filed a jurisdictional claim and a precautionary measure, we welcome the fact that the Constitutional Court decided to adopt a decision, and we will remain vigilant," he said.

Mr. Vizcarra added that —depending on the decision adopted by the Constitutional Court— the legal strategy for September 18 will be defined. On that day, Congress will debate the impeachment motion.

Remarks were made during a meeting with representatives of the Association of Municipalities of Peru (AMPE), the Network of Urban and Rural Municipalities of Peru (Remurpe) and the National Assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR).

The event took place at Lima Convention Center.


Published: 9/16/2020
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