Peru's President: I've come with my head held high and a clear conscience

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra attends a Parliament plenary session. Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

10:44 | Lima, Sep. 18.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Friday affirmed that his behavior has always been correct, adding that he has not committed any illegal acts.

"I have come here with my head held high and a clear conscience, because I am consistent with everything I have said during my administration. I am not running away, I have not done that in the past, and I will not do it now," he expressed.

The Head of State noted that he arrived at Parliament headquarters despite the fact that many people had told him not to do so because his presence could endorse a proceeding that is not covered by law.

The top official went on to add that these opportunities are sometimes even used to mistreat guests.

However, the statesman underlined that he is convinced it is important to tell the population that democracy must be strong and that —despite the different opinions— what matters the most is to face the accusations.

Audios and investigation

"I recognize that my voice is in one of those audio recordings. I have already said it publicly. What I will in no way acknowledge or accept are the accusations that are made against me and the biased way in which the information has been presented. I ask you: what is the crime?" he stated.

The Head of State indicated this does not mean that he should not be investigated. On the contrary, he said that he is the person most interested in having all the details analyzed to find out the truth. 

"We must be respectful of the instances. Let the Public Ministry be the jurisdiction in charge of getting to the bottom of this investigation, because it is the one that has competence on the investigation, and not the Congress of the Republic," he noted.

In this sense, the top official reaffirmed his full willingness to give the statements that the Public Ministry requires from now on.

"In that instance, I will prove that my behavior has always been correct, and that I have not committed any illegal acts," he stressed.

In Peru, the Public Ministry is independent from the Executive Branch.

In order to prove the questionable nature of those audios, he reported that former Government Palace administrative secretary Karem Roca has denied —in a notarized letter— the claims she had made.

Likewise, he showed the notarized document, in which Roca denied the statements she had made about Transport Minister Carlos Estremadoyro and offered her apologies.

"Honors are so easily stained, and the protagonist also denies her own versions," he said.

"So many lies, so much falsehood. Nevertheless —without the slightest contrast, without any investigation, without anything— the possibility of impeaching the President of the Republic is being called with arguments that have later been denied by its own author," he emphasized.


It must be noted that the impeachment itself needs 87 votes to remove the Head of State from office.

However, lawmakers from several political groups have announced that they would not support the presidential impeachment.

According to the latest Ipsos Peru poll, 79% of citizens believe that President Vizcarra should remain in office.


Published: 9/18/2020
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