Peru's President: Fighting COVID-19 pandemic to be a priority

19:28 | Lima, Nov. 17.

The recently-sworn-in President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Tuesday announced that the fight against the pandemic will be a priority for his Government, as well as access to vaccines for their distribution throughout the country.

The Head of State said he is aware of the limited time and the need to concentrate efforts on some issues with seriousness and commitment so that the Bicentennial Government can receive an orderly country in conditions to move towards prosperity.

"We will make every effort to reduce infections but seeking a balance, that is, reducing infections without severely affecting the economy. We have seen how difficult that is, we have the experience gained and, on that note, we will find the right balance, the channel, and the way to balance health and economic well-being," he stated.

The Peruvian leader noted that he will promote differentiated measures targeting each region, as well as emergency measures to expand and improve health care services, particularly to prevent and eliminate infections.

Moreover, regarding the country's efforts to access the COVID-19 vaccines, Sagasti explained that he will do his utmost so that they become available across the country and are distributed equitably as soon as possible, prioritizing the most vulnerable.

Remarks were made on Tuesday afternoon in a Parliament solemn session in which he addressed the nation after being sworn in as President of the Republic.


Published: 11/17/2020
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