Peru's organic coffee reaches Canada, U.S. markets

00:00 | Huanuco (Huanuco region), Dec. 4.

Over 200 small- and medium-scale organic coffee producers from Huanuco region benefit from the first green coffee shipments to the United States and Canada, worth US$227,000.

This first sale was achieved thanks to the support from Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry's (Minagri) Sierra y Selva Exportadora (Exporting Andes and Jungle) program, and Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru), the program's CEO Jose Ezeta informed. 

This outcome was the result of efforts undertaken by small-scale coffee growers and an articulated work involving Sierra y Selva Exportadora, PromPeru, and Peru's Trade Office (OCEX) in Los Angeles.

The trade accord between producers and foreign buyers was consolidated after a Huanuco region delegation participated in Specialty Coffee Expo 2018 in Seattle. 

Coffee growers' attendance at said event was supported by Minagri's program in order to strengthen promotion and trade actions for the benefit of small- and medium-scale producers. 

Technical training 

Over the last five years, coffee growers have received training and technical assistance in harvest and post-harvest practices aimed at obtaining a high-quality and competitive product for international markets with an organic and fair trade certification. 

According to the sector's policy, by the end of the current administration, agricultural growth is expected to reach an annual rate of 5%, thus exceeding US$10 billion in exports. 


Published: 12/4/2018