Peru's Judge Concepcion Carhuancho: I do not always order preventive detention

13:57 | Lima, Nov. 23.

Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho has ruled out being a magistrate who tends to order the arrest of all the citizens under investigation.

Likewise, the magistrate affirmed he only dictates preventive detention when it is absolutely necessary, as this is an exceptional measure which is applied if the probe is at serious risk. 

In this sense, the judge indicated his office will not send those investigated to prison if there are other alternatives available.

"(…) I do not order preventive detention all the time, as some people have claimed," the magistrate expressed. 

Last Thursday, Judge Concepcion Carhuancho declared unfounded the preventive detention requests for Adriana Tarazona —Fuerza Popular political party treasurer— and Carmela Paucara —party leader Keiko Fujimori's secretary— filed by Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez

However, he ordered house arrest for Tarazona and imposed a travel ban and appearance with restrictions on Paucara. 

Although the magistrate considers them to have been accomplices of alleged money laundering offenses, he pointed out the investigation was not threatened. 

As is known, Judge Concepcion Carhuancho ordered 36-month preventive detention for Fuerza Popular party leader Fujimori, her advisors Vicente Silva Checa, Pier Figari, and Ana Herz, and Luis Mejia Lecca —the party's former treasurer and representative. 

Additionally, the magistrate has dictated the same measure for Giancarlo Bertini Vivanco —accused of being a fake donor— as well as search and arrest warrants for him —both nationally and internationally— since he has not been found in Peru. 

For that reason, Judge Concepcion Carhuancho has imposed appearance with restrictions on Yoshiyama Sasaki, as well as a 36-month travel ban.


Published: 11/23/2018
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