Peru: Judiciary orders preventive detention of Keiko Fujimori's advisors

Pier Figari y Ana Herz   meses de prisión preventiva. Foto: ANDINA/PJ

Pier Figari y Ana Herz meses de prisión preventiva. Foto: ANDINA/PJ

11:17 | Lima, Nov. 16.

The Judicial Branch on Thursday night ordered the preventive detention of Fuerza Popular party leader Keiko Fujimori's advisors Ana Herz and Pier Figari for 36 months over alleged money laundering charges.

Within this framework, the magistrate affirmed there is serious suspicion that Figari and Herz may have participated in alleged money laundering offenses. 

In both cases, there is evidence of their alleged involvement in the criminal organization ingrained within Fuerza 2011 (now Fuerza Popular), and in the acquisition of illegal resources that were then deposited in the party's bank accounts through fake donors. 

According to the judge, this criminal organization might have created impunity networks, thus taking over diverse State institutions, as a protected witness has pointed out. 

Furthermore, Fuerza Popular's Telegram chats have shown Pier Figari had been coordinating with the party's Congress members methods to discredit Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez. 

Ana Herz has worked closely with Keiko Fujimori since 1995, when Fujimori served as First Lady of Peru. They met at Lima-based Hospital del Niño, and Herz helped Fujimori create the Cardio Child Foundation. 

In 2009, Herz appeared as Fuerza Popular's secretary and —alongside Figari— was in charge of selecting Congress candidates for the 2016 elections. 

On the other hand, Figari —lawyer by profession— had been responsible for Fuerza Popular's presidential campaign in 2011, as well as a member of the party's National Executive Committee until 2017. 

Judge Concepcion Carhuancho has already ordered a 36-month preventive detention for Fuerza Popular party leader Keiko Fujimori and her advisor in the shadows Vicente Silva Checa, who is considered a close acquaintance of Vladimiro Montesinos.

Montesinos was the long-standing head of Peru's intelligence service (SIN) under former President Alberto Fujimori, Keiko's father.

In 2000, secret videos —which he had recorded— were televised that showed him bribing an elected congressman to leave the opposition and join the Fujimorist side of Congress.

After having fled to Japan and traveled to Chile —from where he was extradited to Peru— the Fujimori patriarch was sentenced for crimes against human rights and corruption committed during his term in office.

In 2017, he was pardoned by ex-President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who later stepped down amid a political scandal. 


Published: 11/16/2018
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