Peru's Health Min: Health centers and posts to be strengthened

20:17 | Lima, Jan. 20.

Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti on Wednesday announced that health centers and posts —which implement contention measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic— will be strengthened through the provision of 3,000 oxygen cylinders and 450,000 pulse oximeters, which are being distributed nationwide.

The health sector's head reported that there are 8,033 primary care facilities (posts and health centers) across the country and that about half of them are intended for COVID-19 patients.

"We have prepared a second wave plan that involves not only hospitals, but also primary care facilities, which are containing the disease," she explained.

The Cabinet member indicated that 3,000 out of the 9,000 oxygen cylinders distributed throughout the country have been delivered to primary care facilities.

Additionally, 450,000 pulse oximeters have been distributed nationwide, half of which for the primary care level, and the other half for community workers in regions.

"These pulse oximeters are intended for the primary care level and will be given to community workers, so that they can also identify people who may need oxygen and direct them towards the facilities that have been supplied with oxygen cylinders," she stated.

Moreover, the government official reported that 1,200 oxygen concentrators have been distributed to strengthen these health centers.


Published: 1/20/2021
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