Peru's FA Min: 12 million Sinopharm vaccines expected to arrive in March 2021

09:59 | Lima, Feb. 16.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Allan Wagner on Tuesday said that a batch of 12 million Sinopharm vaccine doses is expected to arrive in March this year.

In an interview with RPP radio and TV station, the minister explained that the contract inked in January is in progress and covers the million vaccines received in February. In addition, there is another that is about to be signed.

As he explained, the committee of jurists analyzing the draft contracts has approved the new document, so the contract is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

"There is a tentative schedule for the delivery of vaccines, and we expect to receive a very important batch of around 12 million Sinopharm doses in March," he pointed out.

Wagner noted that his priority at the Foreign Affairs Ministry will be to reach the necessary agreements to ensure that most Peruvians will be immunized by the end of the year to defeat the virus.

"It is a major priority. There is significant progress in the signing of contracts, the delivery dates have not yet been confirmed and precisely determined," he remarked.

This batch added to a total of one million COVID-19 vaccines agreed between the Republic of Peru and China's pharmaceutical company Sinopharm for February.


Published: 2/16/2021
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