Peru's exports to China up 62% between Jan-Apr 2021

16:43 | Lima, Jun. 2

Peruvian exports to China totaled US$5.137 billion between January and April of this year —a figure higher by 62.38% compared to the amount registered in the same period of 2020, the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) reported on Wednesday.

The CCL's Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute (Idexcam) indicated that this result is due to higher demand for minerals, which accounted for 81.41% of the total exported to the Asian Giant.

Among them, copper stood out, whose shipping value amounted to US$2.478 billion (+35.85%), followed by iron minerals (US$779 million; +154.98%), refined copper cathodes (US$411 million; +71.51%), and silver minerals (US$197 million; +64.23%).

Another traditional product, which contributed to this growth, was fishmeal with exports valued at US$663 million (+280.08%).

Non-traditional exports

On the other hand, among the non-traditional goods most exported to China, fish products and fresh fruits stood out.

These also included frozen squid, whose shipping value amounted to US$30 million (+230.93%), followed by fish livers and roe totaling US$27 million (+223.75%), prepared or canned squid valued at US$26 million (+216.04%), and frozen whole prawns worth US$17 million (+213.83%).

Meanwhile, shipments of fresh grapes totaled US$21 million, which represented a growth of 7.08% during the period from January to April.


Published: 6/2/2021
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