Over 10% of world's copper and zinc in 2020 produced in Peru

08:00 | Lima, Jun. 2.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) has reported that 10.7% of all copper in 2020 was produced in Peru, as well as 10.8% of zinc, 11.4% of silver, and 10.9% of molybdenum.

According to the 2020 Mining Yearbook, which was released this week, 20.14 million fine metric tons (FMT) of copper were produced last year in the world, of which 2.15 million FMT corresponded to the copper produced in Peru.

In the case of zinc, 12.31 million fine metric tons were produced in 2020, of which 1.33 million FMT were produced in the South American country.

Additionally, Peru contributed 2,727 fine metric tons of silver to the world total of 23,827 FMT for 2020, as well as 32,185 fine metric tons of molybdenum to the 294,585 FMT produced worldwide in the same year.

The ministry highlighted the rapid recovery of the mining sector following the impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected operations in all industries.

"It (the mining sector) has shown signs of strong recovery since the second half of 2020, with significant progress in production, investment, and employment levels," the Mining Yearbook said.

"Pre-pandemic monthly production levels for the most exported metals had been reached by the end of 2020," it stated.

As for silver reserves, Peru continues to be the global leader, holding 18.1% of the world's total, that is, 91,000 million fine metric tons.

In the case of copper, Peru has the second largest reserves in the world, amounting to 92,000 million fine metric tons (10.6%)

In addition, it is ranked fifth in gold and zinc, at 2,700 FMT (5.1%) and 20,000 FMT (8%), respectively. 


Published: 6/2/2021
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