Peru waves red-white colors at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games inauguration

09:32 | Tokyo (Japan), Jul. 23.

The Peruvian delegation, made up of 35 athletes, entered the Tokyo Olympic Stadium with surfers Daniella Rosas and Luca Mesinas as flag bearers, who waved the red-and-white flag that will have its twentieth presence at the 2020 Olympic Games.

The national group paraded dressed in dark colored sport suits, and each athlete wore a multicolored scarf that was predominantly red.

Team Peru members were excited on the occasion. Angelo Caro, Alessandro de Souza and Miguel Tudela, among others, were seen smiling during the march.

The delegation was not complete at the time because some national athletes are just arriving in Japan to compete in this mega event.

Peru has a dream: winning Olympic gold again 73 years after Edwin Vasquez obtained one in the shooting discipline back in London 1948.

In its Olympic history Peru holds a total of four medals (1 gold and 3 silver), which were obtained in shooting (3) and volleyball (1).

The delegation of national athletes will participate in a total of 16 sports —19 men and 16 women representing an entire country in one of the most important sporting events on the planet.

Peru team occupies the 12th floor of tower 9, and shares that building with Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Colombia.

The South American country will participate in the Olympics on a twentieth occasion —an event that it has not stopped attending since Melbourne 1956. 

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games take place from July 23 to August 8.


Published: 7/23/2021
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