Peru: Total exports grew 10.2% in Jan-Feb 2018

Exports. Photo: ANDINA/ Archive.

Exports. Photo: ANDINA/ Archive.

12:24 | Lima, Apr. 4.

Peru's total exports amounted to US$7.466 billion during the first two months of 2018, up by 10.2% over the same period last year, the Association of Peruvian Exporters (ADEX) reported.

According to ADEX Chairman Juan Varilias, Inca shipments increased 22% last January and slid 0.4% in February.

Likewise, he projected exports will reach nearly US$50 billion by year-end, which would be a record high since 2011 (US$46.4 billion).

The Adex official also underlined Peru is on a development path. However, there is still much work to be done —especially in the highlands and jungle.

Traditional and non-traditional

Traditional shipments rose 7.4% in the first two-month period of 2018, thus totaling US$5.345 billion.

This rise was mainly underpinned by the positive performance of mining (US$4.451 billion), fishery (US$138.771 million), and agriculture (US$ 81.644 million) sectors.

Top destinations were China, the United States, India, South Korea, and Switzerland. Together, they hosted 67.6% of the total primary exports. 

On the other hand, non-traditional sales reached US$2.121 billion in the analyzed period, an 18.3% expansion compared to the same term last year.

Sectors such as agro-industry (US$989.328 million), chemical (US$247.183 million), and iron-steel (US$215.763 million) stood out in this sense.

Trade balance

All of the above resulted in a positive trade balance which stood at US$768 million.

Within this framework, Peruvian exports amounted to US$7.446 billion, whereas imports totaled US$6.678 billion. 


Published: 4/4/2018
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