Peru: Sinopharm candidate vaccine administered to 1,600 volunteers at UPCH so far

Photo: ANDINA/Minsa

Photo: ANDINA/Minsa

00:01 | Lima, Oct. 2.

So far, more than 1,600 volunteers have been inoculated with the two inactivated vaccines against COVID-19 from China's Sinopharm laboratory, as part of its clinical trials held at Cayetano Heredia University's Center for Clinical Studies.

This information was confirmed by the team of researchers from Cayetano Heredia University (UPCH) and San Marcos University (UNMSM), noting that no adverse event has been reported since the application of the vaccine.

They thanked the trust, acceptance, and enthusiasm shown during the third volunteer registration process, which ended on Wednesday.

On the other hand, the researchers reiterated that the application of these inactivated vaccines does not mean that inoculated volunteers are protected from COVID-19. Therefore, they stressed the need to keep adhering to the corresponding prevention and social distancing measures.

On Wednesday, the goal of enrolling additional 1,000 volunteers was successfully achieved in five minutes.

After that, given the population's great interest in participating in the trials, more people were registered to have a back-up list.

"Thus, up to 30 participants were enrolled per minute. This encourages us to keep working and, at the same time, to continue contributing to raise our commitment to scientific research," reads a statement by the researchers. 

Starting today, October 2, volunteers will be contacted by phone, once they confirm the validation message sent to their e-mail addresses.

After verifying volunteers' personal information and confirming their eligibility to participate, the research team will coordinate with them the meeting day and time.


Published: 10/2/2020