Peru: Second anchovy season reaches 98% of quota

14:40 | Lima, Apr. 3.

Anchovy catches —intended for indirect human consumption— amounted to 2.059 million tons, representing 98% of the total maximum limit (2.1 million) set by Peru's Production Ministry.

As is known, the second fishing season started on November 15, 2018, in the Inca country's central and northern sea areas. 

In this sense, the Production Ministry (Produce) established April 4, 2019, as the fishing season's end.


Anchovy landings took place at 12 ports. Chimbote (23.7%), Malabrigo (20.2%), Coishco (10.6%), and Paracas (8.7%) ports registered the highest numbers. 

The areas —which recorded most anchovy-related extractive activities— were the coasts of La Libertad (42.15%) and Ancash regions (21.07%), followed by Lima provinces (20.32%). 

Protection of juveniles 

Furthermore, Produce issued 42 announcements to preventively close 53 fishing zones in order to protect juvenile anchovy biomass during the second fishing season. 


Published: 4/3/2019