Peru rejects Chile's proposal to share pisco denomination of origin

14:36 | Lima, Mar. 4

Association of Peruvian Exporters' (Adex) Chairman Juan Varilias on Monday rejected Chile's proposal to achieve a joint recognition of the denomination of origin for pisco and the Chilean-made liquor in international markets.

"This is a stance we will not accept because pisco is Peruvian," he expressed.

In this sense, the Adex head indicated the denomination of origin is given to a product whose ingredients come from a specific geographic area, in this case, between Lima and Tacna regions. 

He went on to add 7 or 8 kg of grapes are used —in average— for the preparation of 1 liter of pisco, while the Chilean liquor utilizes around 1 kg per bottle.

"For that reason, our pisco has a greater quality, unique features, and a higher price," Varilias said. 

"To continue promoting the quality of our 'Flagship Drink,' we must be more proactive and innovative, participate in international competitions, visit more fairs like Anufood (March 11-14, in Brazil), Expocomer (March 27-30, in Panama), and Peru's Expoalimentaria (September 25-27)," he added.

According to Adex Data Trade Business Intelligence System, pisco exports totaled over US$9.746 million in 2018, an 8% expansion compared to the previous year. In addition, it reached 42 markets. 

The main destinations were Chile (US$4.155 million) and the United States, which received 70% of the total shipments. They were followed by Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Colombia, France, Belgium, Brazil, Australia, and Ecuador.

It should be noted Culture Minister Rogers Valencia also told Chile that "it is not possible" to accept a proposal to share the denomination of origin for pisco.

The measure has also been supported by Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez who affirmed that "there is only one pisco, and it means Peruvianness."


Published: 3/4/2019
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