Peru Prosecutor: Former Villaran Municipal Manager threatened OAS over payments

13:55 | Lima, May. 15.

Peruvian Prosecutor Angela Zuloaga on Wednesday affirmed former Municipal Manager Jose Miguel Castro had pressured and threatened OAS company in order to obtain the illegal contributions destined for ex-Lima Mayor Susana Villaran's unsuccessful reelection campaign in 2014.

According to the Prosecutor, a collaborator stated Castro had said that "if he did not get paid, he would have the means and sources to get them to pay."

In this sense, Zuloaga has requested 36-month preventive detention for Castro, who supported Villaran in the criminal network that sought to keep her in power. 

Likewise, the Prosecutor pointed out OAS delivered US$4 million —at the request of Castro— for Villaran's reelection campaign, as well as US$3 million for her anti-recall campaign in exchange for being favored in the awarding of Yellow Line Project. 

Pressure on witnesses

The Prosecutor also accused Castro of influencing on other people under investigation so they would change their testimonies or provide false information to the Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group in order to hinder the probe. 

Furthermore, Castro had complained to Oscar Vidaurreta —of Ojilvi company— for having involved him in the anti-recall campaign in a statement to the Prosecutor's Office, as no one had mentioned his name. 

The Prosecutor informed Judge Jorge Chavez that the payments requested by Castro to Odebrecht (US$3 million) and OAS (US$7 million) were linked to the projects Yellow Line and Lima Routes. 

Moreover, Zuloaga pointed out Castro's close relationship with Villaran could have made easier his involvement in these illegal actions. 


Published: 5/15/2019