Peru: Primary subsector up 5.16%, boosting manufacturing sector

18:36 | Lima, Aug. 21.

Peru's manufacturing sector rose 0.53% in June 2019, thus registering its second positive rate this year, underpinned by the 5.16% increase in the primary subsector, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) reported Wednesday.

This outcome was driven by a greater production of industrial segments such as the processing and preservation of fish, crustacean, and mollusks (10.06%); the fabrication of primary products of precious and other non-ferrous metals (4.17%); and the fabrication of products from oil refining (4.29%). 

However, the non-primary manufacturing subsector decreased 1.33%, despite the greater demand for clothing. 

"This unfavorable outcome was registered despite a greater demand for consumption goods," INEI expressed. 

In this sense, the abovementioned demand was driven by the positive impact of Peru's participation at Copa America 2019 and the low temperatures registered along the Peruvian coast. 


Published: 8/21/2019
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