Peru President: We will defeat anemia

11:29 | Lima, May. 3.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday expressed he is confident that anemia rates will be reduced thanks to the collaboration and commitment of all sectors in order to guarantee a healthy future for all Peruvian children.

From Lima's La Victoria district, the Head of State launched a campaign to make home visits aimed at fighting anemia.

Likewise, he reaffirmed the fight against this illness is one of his administration's priorities

"We are starting with 20,000 promoters across Peru, and if they are not enough, then the double, 40,000, 100,000, or the number needed to eliminate and reduce anemia. This is everyone's responsibility, and we will achieve it," he expressed.

Likewise, the top official indicated the start of this initiative is significant for the government, as educating parents is essential to reduce anemia, since they are the ones responsible for properly feeding their children

Furthermore, the statesman mentioned that —although this is a serious illness— it has a solution, and the cure does not require a long or costly treatment. 

He went on to add follow-up visits are the second stage of the combat against this condition. Within this framework, thousands of promoters will go door to door to provide information to parents on the matter. 

"There is a lot to do, but day after day we are making progress with optimism, confidence, and perseverance (…)," President Vizcarra said. 

On the occasion, he was joined by La Victoria Mayor George Forsyth and Health Minister Zulema Tomas, as well as other authorities. 


Published: 5/3/2019
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