Peru: President Vizcarra's approval rating up 8 points

10:11 | Lima, Jun. 17.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra's approval rating increased 8 percentage points to 50% in June, the latest Ipsos poll has revealed.

According to the survey —published by El Comercio newspaper— 61% of those polled think the Head of State is a consensus-seeking person open to dialogue.

Moreover, the disapproval rating dropped to 41%, down six points from last month.

The poll finds that the area showing the highest approval rating (56%) is southern Peru.

Likewise, it indicates 74% of respondents believe President Vizcarra is respectful of those who think differently and 47% of Peruvians highlight his caution.

On the other hand, the approval rating for Prime Minister Salvador del Solar rose to 40%, up 7 points compared to the past two months.

Technical details

Pollster name: Ipsos Peru
Coverage: National level (urban and rural areas)
Registration Number: 0001-REE/JNE
Type of sampling: multistage probability sampling
Sample size: 1,210 respondents
Fieldwork period: June 12th-14th, 2019
Margin of error: +/- 2.80%
Level of confidence: 95%
Target population: Men and women aged 18 and over.


Published: 6/17/2019
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