Peru President to call referendum on elimination of parliamentary immunity

13:23 | Lima, Jul. 5.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Sunday afternoon announced that he will call a referendum on the elimination of parliamentary immunity.

In a televised address to the nation, the Head of State affirmed that the popular vote will be held together with the general elections in 2021.

According to Peru's top official, the Parliament had the opportunity to decide —within the framework of its responsibilities and competencies— on the approval of the reform bill that would eliminate parliamentary immunity, unfortunately, it did not do so.

Under these circumstances, it is up to the citizens to decide on the matter, he added.

"For this reason, within the framework of my constitutional powers, I announce that I will submit the reform on the elimination of parliamentary immunity to a referendum, so that the Peruvian people can decide —freely and democratically at the polls— whether this prerogative should be maintained or eliminated," he expressed.

The statesman noted that the coronavirus pandemic situation does not allow the referendum to take place. For this reason, he explained, the popular vote will be held together with the general elections in 2021.

"This means that in addition to electing President, as well as members of Congress and the Andean Parliament next year, Peruvians will have to vote on parliamentary immunity," he explained.

Moreover, the Peruvian leader stressed the need to establish the impediments to run for public office in the Constitution.

To do so, he added, the constitutional reform on this matter will be included as a second question in the referendum ballot.


Published: 7/5/2020
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