Peru: President participates in symbolic swearing-in ceremony

Photo: ANDINA/Juan Carlos Guzman

12:47 | Ayacucho (Ayacucho region), Jul. 29.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo participates in a symbolic swearing-in ceremony in the Historic Sanctuary of Pampa de la Quinua, where the Independence of Peru was sealed in the 19th century.

At 12:15 p.m. (local time), the Head of State arrived in Ayacucho city —in the southern Peruvian highlands.

From there, a helicopter brought the top official and First Lady Lilia Paredes, as well as Argentinean President Alberto Fernandez and his wife Fabiola Yañez, to Pampa de la Quinua where the symbolic swearing-in ceremony began at 12:45 p.m.

The President of the Republic travelled to the zone after accepting the invitation of Huamanga and Quinua mayors.

This historic sanctuary, where an imposing 44-meter-high marble obelisk stands, commemorates the compatriots who fought in the Battle of Ayacucho (December 9, 1824) and achieved the Independence of Peru from Spanish rule.

Today's event is also attended by Vice-President Dina Boluarte, Presidents Sebastian Piñera (Chile), Luis Arce (Bolivia), and ex-President Evo Morales, among other foreign and national officials.

The swearing-in ceremony of the new Prime Minister will take place today as well.


Published: 7/29/2021
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