Lilia Paredes: I will do everything in my power to support my husband, Pedro Castillo



15:45 | Lima, Jul. 20.

Lilia Paredes —the wife of President-elect Pedro Castillo— affirmed that she will do everything in her power to support her husband so that he can govern well.

Peru's next First Lady said she felt very grateful after she knew the official results of the presidential runoff election.

"We are going to make it with the help of all Peruvians. It is a great responsibility, but we are going to do it. We are going to do what has been promised, and I will support my husband in everything I can," she remarked.

When asked about the urgent issues that the government of Pedro Castillo must address, Paredes noted that the health and vaccination issue is of vital importance for the country.

She confirmed the possibility of working for the good of very important sectors such as education and agriculture.

The future First Lady noted that —with their arrival in the capital city— she and her family aim to provide all the support and family union time to the president-elect.

"Thank God the purpose was achieved. This is what my husband always longed for," Paredes said in statements to the press.

According to the proclamation text read at the virtual ceremony held by JNE, Pedro Castillo (Peru Libre) obtained 50.126% of votes, followed by Keiko Fujimori (Fuerza Popular) with 49.874%.


Published: 7/20/2021
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