Peru President honors chef Gaston Acurio

17:14 | Lima, Aug. 24.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday awarded chef and entrepreneur Gaston Acurio with the Merit of Distinguished Services in the Rank of Great Cross, for his success in the gastronomic and entrepreneurial domains.

At the ceremony, the Head of State affirmed Acurio's professional qualities and efforts to spread Peruvian cuisine have made him worthy of this decoration. 

"(…) we can learn many lessons from the path he followed," the Peruvian leader expressed. 

Vizcarra went on to add the success and recognition gained by Acurio are the result of his efforts, perseverance, as well as innovative and inclusive spirit.

"He firmly followed what he truly desired, even by breaking the established patterns," he added while saluting the cook on behalf of Peru.

Alongside Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizo, President Vizcarra highlighted the entrepreneur's example, since it shows Peru has a bright future ahead and great opportunities to continue walking the path towards development. 

"Just like our gastronomy stands out worldwide, why can't we do the same with the country in general? Peru does offer us all the conditions," he said. 

On his part, Acurio showed excitement for the decoration and said this recognition included everyone involved in Peruvian cuisine, such as cooks, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, and gastronomic researchers, among others. 

According to him, the contribution —made by all the people who are part of this chain— helps promote Peru's image worldwide through a gastronomy that prides itself on its history and origins.

"Peruvian cuisine is now an international brand, a trend in global consumption. It is present in French and Italian restaurant menus (…)," the chef expressed. 

"Lima has become an important gastronomic destination, and we're proud of that," he added. 


Published: 8/24/2018
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