Top Peruvian chefs to shine in "Off The Table" culinary series

Cheffs peruanos Foto: Promperú

Cheffs peruanos Foto: Promperú

13:48 | Lima, Mar. 1.

Renowned Peruvian chefs Mitsuharu Tsumura, Virgilio Martinez and Gaston Acurio will showcase Peruvian foodways and fusion of cultures, ingredients, as well as techniques in New Worlder's premier culinary video series "Off The Table," thus consolidating the Inca nation as a global gastronomic destination.

Peru's first appearance –to premiere on March 2– will feature Mitsuharu Tsumura, Peru Brand ambassador and owner of Nikkei food restaurant Maido. 

The Japanese descendant will take viewers on an expedition through the country's rich sea, highlighting the hard work of fishermen and the need to protect such vast and biodiverse ecosystem.

Next, on April 6, the also Peru Brand ambassador and Michelin-starred restauranteur Virgilio Martinez will reveal the secrets of the traditional Pachamanca, one of Peru's most iconic cooking techniques dating back to pre-Hispanic times.  

Last but not least, Gaston Acurio, perhaps one of the most prominent faces of Peruvian cuisine, will share Peruvians' talent and creativity. His experience at Pachacutec Foundation will be aired on May 4.

New Worlder's digital series "Off The Table" ventures into the heart of the culinary world in Spain and the Americas in 5-minute videos. 

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Published: 3/1/2017
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