Peru President: Gov't works for equal opportunities for everyone

14:46 | Lima, Oct. 16.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed that his administration undertakes efforts, so Peruvians can have equal opportunities, while it fights against discrimination.

According to the Head of State, minors represent the Inca country's citizens and have shown a great level of commitment, as well as love for their culture and nation. 

In this sense, children handed manifestos and requests to him, which he deemed as completely justifiable. 

"They ask me, as the President, to work so we all can be equal, so there won't be any type of discrimination, and so we all can have equal opportunities," the top official expressed. 

"It doesn't matter if we come from the coast, highland, jungle, or if we speak a different language. It doesn't matter if we come from different cultures," he pointed out.

Likewise, the statesman indicated that another request —made by the minors— is to work together in order to protect the environment. 

Furthermore, President Vizcarra affirmed he will visit the educational institutions where Tinkuy 2019 children study, with the purpose of learning and attending to the problems they currently face. 

Remarks were made during Tinkuy 2019 ceremony, which took place at the Government Palace in Lima.

This event served as a gathering to promote the exchange, as well as appreciation of cultural and linguistic diversity of diverse native peoples, Afro-Peruvian communities, and other cultures.

On the occasion, the President was joined by Education Minister Flor Pablo and First Lady Maribel Diaz. 


Published: 10/16/2019
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