Peru President: Decentralized development vision is a Gov't policy

16:31 | Piura (Piura region), Oct. 17.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed a decentralized development approach is part of his administration's policies, adding his constant visits to diverse areas of Peru are proof of that statement.

During the inauguration of Miguel Grau de Huarmaca School in northern Piura region, the Head of State explained that his presence in the area ratifies his administration's commitment to education

"For us, it would be easier and more convenient to inaugurate an educational institution near the Government Palace in Lima, but no, we must visit and be in different parts of Peru," he expressed. 

In this sense, the top official indicated that his administration personally supervises the schools.

"That is the decentralization effort we undertake as the Government, because the population does not only reside in the big cities; it is based across the vast territory we have, and we must reach out to each and every one of those places," the statesman added. 

Concerning the support for the education sector, he explained that his administration set a wide, ambitious, and generous goal in order to improve the infrastructure of schools located across the country, a task that is currently being carried out in diverse areas of Peru. 


Published: 10/17/2019
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