Peru President calls on LatAm to resume growth

Presidente Kuczynski participó del XVIII Foro Iberoamérica en Argentina.Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

12:07 | Buenos Aires (Argentina), Nov. 3.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Friday called on Latin America to restart growth by implementing solid economies and social systems in favor of the population.

During his participation in the 18th edition of the Iberoamerican Forum, the Head of State pointed out Latin America accounted for 7%-8% of global product and trade 100 years ago, and this figure remains unchanged today.

"There have been changes in the meantime. Before the First World War, Argentina was the engine of growth and then, the lead was taken by Brazil; nowadays, the driver is unknown, as the region grows quite slowly. Some countries stand out among the rest but, overall, we are below our potential," the statesman said.  

According to the Peruvian leader, resuming growth is simple, although politically complicated. It involves fostering growth, improving financial, tax systems, as well as promoting what his administration calls "social revolution," that is to make ensure benefits reach the population.

"In my country it's simple, we need to provide clean drinking water, since one-third of the population still lacks this service," he noted.

As part of his speech at the forum, Mr. Kuczynski pointed out Peru has reduced poverty from 54% to 20% by reinforcing its economy, free trade and social system in favor of the majority.


The 79-year-old statesman deemed positive the region's corruption crisis, as it helped uncover many graft scandals.

However, he said the region must be careful and avoid getting into a sort of inquisition, where all defendants are guilty.

"A balance must be found. During the Summit of the Americas, we will articulate efforts to propose a system that encourages honesty but also the due process, instead of an inquisition," he said.

As for Venezuela, he said attention should be paid to this country, which has been plunged into misery and faces an ever-growing crisis.

Lastly, Peru's top official thanked Iberoamerican Forum organizers for having chosen Lima to host its next edition.

President Kuczynski went on to add he will travel to Vietnam in order to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum Summit.


Published: 11/3/2017