Peru President: Agriculture sector to receive significant budget increase

18:00 | Cusco (Cusco region), May. 23.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed his administration works articulately to improve the conditions of small-scale farmers in the highlands and jungle of Peru.

Therefore, this year the budget destined for the development of family and rural farming will be significantly increased. 

According to the Head of State, for a long time the needs of small-scale producers had not been met. 

However, he underlined unity among diverse sectors is necessary to boost the agricultural sector nationwide.

Likewise, the top official indicated his administration's goal for the 2020 budget is for it to "become completely different in its structure and conception, that it turns around to see the communities and generates a sustainable agriculture."

The statesman went on to add small-scale farmers should not be at the mercy of indifference and negligence from the State, since they are the guardians of Peru's enormous biodiversity, which is recognized worldwide. 

Moreover, the Head of State stressed that —in order to achieve this goal— regional and local authorities must join the cause, so farmers can have access to water and mechanized irrigation systems, as well as to new markets to commercialize their products. 

Remarks were made during the Food Forever Experience Symposium in Cusco.


Published: 5/23/2019