Peru presented through community-based rural tourism experiences

16:44 | Cobija (Bolivia), Sep. 3.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Rogers Valencia on Monday affirmed Peru has opened to the world through community-based rural tourism experiences.

Peru is portrayed as an Andean and Amazonian country, he said, and the experience is what visitors find more significant.

"Community-based rural tourism experiences do not constitute another form of tourism in Peru, but the way the country was presented to the world. Peru is shown as an Andean and Amazonian nation, and one of the most interesting things is having visitors share their experiences," he explained.

According to the official, this shows the way tourism gained its position.

"You cannot go out into the world without history and identity," the minister pointed out.

Remarks were made during the 4th Peru-Bolivia Binational Cabinet held in the Bolivian city of Cobija. It was led by Presidents Martin Vizcarra (Peru) and Evo Morales (Bolivia).

The major event is aimed at deepening bilateral cooperation and boosting joint projects toward more equitable development dynamics.


Published: 9/3/2018