Peru PM: Government tripled budget for frost, cold spell

16:35 | Machaca (Cusco region), May. 10.

Peruvian Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Friday affirmed the Government has tripled the budget destined for frost and cold spell, compared to last year.

"The Government is committed to reaching high areas, the ones it cannot reach adequately," the Cabinet chief expressed. 

Likewise, he pointed out that —for the first time— all pneumonia vaccines will be delivered in May, so that children and seniors living in high altitude areas can be protected. 

"Warm houses will be built this year, just like in recent years," Del Solar added. 

According to the high-ranking official, this multi-annual plan against frost and cold spell is different from the ones previously implemented. 

"For the first time, it is a plan of a three-year time horizon, not just one year. For the first time, the plan is not focused on one district, but on populated centers," he added. 

In this sense, the Prime Minister claimed aid to low temperature affected areas is improving. However, there is still a lot of work to do. 

Remarks were made during the launch of Operation Shelter in Machaca town in Cusco, before the cold weather sets in. 


Published: 5/10/2019
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