Peru PM announces bill to modify canon, royalties distribution

16:56 | Cotabambas (Apurimac region), Apr. 11.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Thursday announced a bill to modify the distribution of canon and royalties will be submitted to Congress, so the financial income received by the Peruvian State —from natural resources exploitation— can also reach communities, not only regional and local governments.

In this sense, the cabinet chief explained this initiative will propose that economic resources should be also destined for infrastructure maintenance, as well as for payments to the staff required at schools or health centers. 

Likewise, he mentioned it cannot be possible for a region like southern Andean Apurimac and a province like Cotabambas —that generate so much wealth for the Inca country— not to benefit from the well-being and development resulting from the exploitation of their resources. 

Thus, a member of the cabinet will be in charge of following up on the province's Development Plan, he affirmed.


As is known, Prime Minister Del Solar today assured Andean Cotabambas Province residents that the State will be present permanently in this area to guarantee the population's well-being and development. 

Within this framework, the cabinet chief admitted the State has not had a remarkable presence in this zone over recent years. 

The Prime Minister —along with the Executive Branch Commission— held a meeting with representatives of Cotabambas communities residing in the influence area of Las Bambas mining project.

Last weekend, Del Solar affirmed he would visit the province's Challhuahuacho district soon, thus complying with the accords adopted by the Executive Branch, MMG mining company, and Fuerabamba community leader Gregorio Rojas.

The project faces problems due to the Fuerabamba community members' decision to block the road used by the mining company to transport its production to Matarani Port (Ilo region).


Published: 4/11/2019
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