Peru organic coffee to reach South Korea

12:45 | Lambayeque (Lambayeque region), Sep. 18.

Peru's organic coffee from Rodriguez de Mendoza Province in northern Amazonas region will be exported to the Asian country of South Korea.

In order to reach said goal, the area's families —organized as Organic Coffees' and Specialty Coffees' Producers Association (Aprooyce)— recently received a collective packaging brand for roasted coffee called "Amazonas" by the State-run National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi).

"We began with 20 families. Currently, after six years in the market, we rely on 348 associated families," Marketing Head John Lozano expressed. 

In this sense, Lozano indicated 858 ha are destined for coffee production, where the yield per hectare is between 1,200 to 1,600 kg, depending on the land's fertilization and altitude. 

Likewise, he indicated each family is the central axis of the association's work. 

Furthermore, he pointed out that —at the beginning— they had exported just one organic coffee container per year. 

"Currently, our exportable supply surpasses 30 containers. Each container carries between 27,000 and 27,500 kg of coffee. Aside from that, we work with micro-lots (…)," the producer told Andina news agency. 

Lozano went on to add that in the case of South Korea, they directly export to a chain of coffee shops based in Seoul and also through brokers, such as Peru Nor and HVC Exportaciones. 

Moreover, he mentioned nearly 1% of the total production stays in Peru and is sold at coffee stores located in the capital, while 99% is destined for international markets. 

Lastly, Lozano announced they project to participate in international fairs with the aim of promoting their product and entering new business rounds, as well as new markets. 


Published: 9/18/2019
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