Peru Libre party proposes amending the Constitution with Constituent Assembly



13:00 | Lima, Apr. 19.

Peru Libre —the party that nominated Pedro Castillo as its candidate for the Presidency of the Republic— proposes in its government plan drafting a new Constitution by calling a Constituent Assembly.

In the document, registered on the Electoral Platform of the National Elections Board (JNE), it was specified that the new Constitution should rely on a more humanistic, supportive, and nationalist approach.

In this sense, the possibility of the State having the power to regulate market prices and to redistribute wealth, favoring the national business community, was raised.

The document details boosting the country's industry to generate added-value products and a greater number of jobs.

Likewise, the importance of building a planning, innovative, entrepreneurial, and protective State was highlighted, so that it can strengthen the domestic economy, annul or renegotiate contracts at its convenience, and prioritize its economic sovereignty.

On the other hand, Pedro Castillo's government plan also highlights the importance of increasing investment in health and education, declaring both sectors in emergency.


Published: 4/19/2021
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