Peru: Castillo calls for dialogue with institutions, business sector and parties



10:41 | Tacabamba (Cajamarca region), Apr. 13.

Peru Libre party's presidential candidate Pedro Castillo on Tuesday suggested “sitting down and holding talks” with all institutional and political sectors about the country's needs.

As is known, Castillo obtained at least 19.093% of the valid votes during the first round of the 2021 general elections. Thus, he will be one of the contenders of the presidential runoff on June 6.

"Let's talk about proposals, about what the people need," he said in statements to the press made from his hometown region of Cajamarca.

"Let's sit down and talk," he stressed, adding that "there will be no aggression coming from our part."

Concerning the statements made about him by other candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, the teacher pointed out that these may respond to their concern about what will happen in Peru.

"Who knows if (Rafael) Lopez Aliaga and other candidates are convinced of the huge problems that the country faces and want to raise a voice in favor of the people," he said.

Likewise, Castillo stated that "Peru needs a structural change to stop polarizing the country." Nonetheless, he warned that in a runoff there could be a competition scenario "between rich and poor, between the boss and the pawn."

In this sense, he made "an open call to the people, the Police, who are also awaiting our actions, to the Armed Forces of the country, and the business community" to dialogue.

In addition, 51-year-old Castillo announced that this morning he would meet with representatives of his party to determine which cities he will visit as part of the campaign for the second round.


Published: 4/13/2021
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