Peru Labor Min: Resumption of economic activities depends on health authority

11:59 | Lima, Apr. 23.

The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion Sylvia Caceres on Thursday affirmed that the resumption of economic activities in Peru will depend on the health authority, which must approve the labor protocols to prevent the coronavirus spread.

"A gradual and progressive economic reopening is essential because it generates income and employment. Besides, it brings peace of mind to families and the population (...). This decision has been evaluated in recent days and will clearly have a progressive nature," she told ATV Noticias TV show.

According to Caceres, the decision will consider three aspects, and the first one involves health issues that are key for the resumption of work activities.

"Decisions must adhere to strict health protocols (...). The health authority’s opinion is fundamental and is at the forefront of the decision-making process," she emphasized.

Concerning the second aspect, the official explained that activities are being considered based on their impact on tax collection.

"There are activities that contribute more income to the treasury than others, and this aspect will be considered when evaluating a timely resumption of activities," the minister said.

The third aspect, she added, involves the evaluation of potential crowds that may occur due to the resumption of economic activities.

"We cannot put at risk what we have accomplished with so much effort in these days of quarantine. We have to make sure that the economic impact of the activities will not allow crowds to gather and spread COVID-19," the cabinet member pointed out.


Published: 4/23/2020
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