Peru Justice Min: Bill on political parties' financing to prevent illegal money

18:01 | Lima, Jul. 15.

Peruvian Justice and Human Rights Minister Vicente Zeballos on Monday supported the political reform bill on political parties' financing during a Congress Constitution Commission's meeting.

According to the official, the main objective of the proposal is to prevent —through filters— illegal money from entering the electoral campaigns at election times.

Thus, it is necessary to regulate a penalty for falsifying information in parties' reports and establish a permanent surveillance on political parties' accounts. 

"The proposal gives the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) access to political parties' accounts," he expressed. 

The bill —which is part of the six political reform bills submitted by the Executive Branch— proposes that ONPE is granted access to the bank information of political parties during the electoral process, so it can notify the Prosecutor's Office in case it detects any irregularity related to alleged offenses. 

The penalty would include the loss of electoral space in media outlets, loss of State contributions, and —in serious cases— the loss of political parties registration. 


Published: 7/15/2019