Peru: Gov't to reduce childhood anemia to 19% by 2021

14:13 | Lima, May. 25.

The Peruvian Government has set the goal of reducing childhood anemia from the current 43% to 19% by 2021, Development and Social Inclusion Minister Liliana La Rosa highlighted on Friday.

To this end, a multisectoral strategy —which is led by President Martin Vizcarra and involves 17 ministries— will be implemented in the Inca country.

"43.6% of children currently suffer from anemia, meaning around 600,000. That is a huge challenge," La Rosa pointed out.

"We will be at 19% by 2021. That is the promise," she said while noting Peru is facing a serious public health and nutrition problem at present.

The government official also remarked diverse ministries have joined efforts in order to tackle this problem.

In this regard, she underlined her portfolio and the Education Ministry have engaged in coordination to ensure the implementation of State-run Qali Warma social food program at public schools.

Qali Warma delivers breakfast and lunch to Peruvian students from underprivileged areas, especially those residing in native communities.

"We have responsibilities at each ministry. With the Education (sector), we have agreed to implement Qali Warma across the country (…)," the cabinet member noted.

"We will provide students and teachers with information about this condition," she added.


Published: 5/25/2018
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