Peru: Gov't extends state of emergency and localized quarantine thru August 31

09:31 | Lima, Jul. 31.

Peru's Housing, Construction and Sanitation Minister Carlos Lozada announced that the Council of Ministers has decided to extend the state of national emergency and localized quarantine thru August 31 this year in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

While supervising the beginning of the construction sector's reactivation process, Lozada noted that the measure was taken after receiving the COVID-19 situation report prepared by the health team that has been keeping track of the epidemiological data.

The above-mentioned report showed an increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in some regions. 

"The state of emergency and the localized quarantine will be extended until August 31 this year. The decision has been made, and we are evaluating which regions will be included in the quarantine," he told TV Peru.

The high-ranking official explained that said evaluation involves identifying the provinces in the regions where COVID-19 cases have increased, such as Arequipa, Puno, Tacna and Cusco.

"Some provinces in these regions are likely to be placed under localized quarantine, given the infection levels in said regions," he said.

On Thursday night, Defense Minister Walter Martos affirmed that the curfew must continue across the country because it is not yet safe to resume night activities, as they could become sources of coronavirus infections.


Published: 7/31/2020
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