Peru's Defense Min: State of emergency to continue after July 31

11:45 | Lima, Jul. 30.

Defense Minister Walter Martos affirmed that the state of national emergency will be extended after July 31 so that Armed Forces' support for the Peruvian National Police (PNP) in citizen security tasks remains in force.

"From the moment that the President of the Republic (Martin Vizcarra) announced that we are going to support the police in matters of citizen security, it meant that the state of national emergency will continue," he said in remarks to Canal N.

Therefore, the date on which the current declaration was set to expire must be extended, he indicated.

As the pandemic evolves, various measures are being taken by the Council of Ministers.


Among the measures implemented in the mentioned areas are mandatory social immobilization on Sundays, as well as night-time curfews from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

"In addition, interregional public transportation among these regions was cut off precisely to avoid a greater movement of people, and thus try to control the speed of contagion until a hospital response is found in each of these places," he concluded.


Published: 7/30/2020
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