Peru: Formal employment registers 10 months of continuous growth

17:51 | Lima, Jul. 24.

Formal employment in private enterprises (each with 10 or more employees) increased in June 2019, thus marking 10 months of continuous growth, Peru's Labor and Employment Promotion Ministry (MTPE) informed Wednesday.

This result was mainly underpinned by the dynamism of the economic activity's four sectors.

According to MTPE's National Survey of Monthly Employment Variation, employment grew 0.3% in the sixth month of the year, posting a slight rise compared to May (0.1%). 

In this sense, Services (+1.2%), Extraction (+0.2%), Trade (+0.1%), as well as Transport, Storage, and Communications (+0.3%) sectors positively influenced employment in the Inca country. 

Likewise, the survey revealed employment in Metropolitan Lima increased 0.3% in June 2019, recording nine months of continuous growth (October 2018-June 2019). 

Services, Extraction, Trade, as well as Transport, Storage, and Communications sectors also contributed to the positive result in the capital. 

It should be noted the cities: Paita (+13.5%), Moquegua (+10.3%), Huaraz (+4.7%), Ayacucho (+4.5%), and Chincha (+4.5%) registered the highest growth rates in June this year. 


Published: 7/24/2019