Peru: Fishing sector might have expanded 49.6% in July 2019

13:31 | Lima, Aug. 28.

Peru's fishing sector might have registered a 49.6% expansion in July 2019 compared to the same month last year, the privately-run National Fisheries Society (SNP) has informed.

However, the accumulated amount —until July this year— may have decreased over 22% compared to the same period in 2018. 

According to SNP Chair Cayetana Aljovin, this outcome is due to the lower quota assigned in the first fishing season, as well as weather phenomena. 

"A relevant factor to underline is the stability of anchovy biomass, which has been maintained for over 10 years thanks to the good fishing management carried out by the State and the private sector," she expressed. 

It should be noted the anchovy's total maximum limit for indirect human consumption started on May 4 and was set at 2.1 million tons. It came to an end on July 30.

Chicama, Chimbote, Pisco, Coishco, Callao, Bayovar, and Tambo de Mora Ports registered the highest volume of catches.

Furthermore, Aljovin mentioned the first fishing season was delayed due to weather factors. 

On the other hand, she projected the first fishing season —in central and northern sea areas— will be better in 2020, provided that weather conditions favor it. 


Published: 8/28/2019
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