Peru: First northern-central fishing season reaches 87% of total quota

14:37 | Lima, Jul. 9.

Anchovy catches reached 87% of the total quota —during the exploratory and first fishing season in Peru's central and northern sea area, the Production Ministry (Produce) informed Tuesday.

It should be noted anchovy's total maximum catch limit for indirect human consumption started on May 4 and was set at 2.1 million tons.

In this sense, Production Minister Rocio Barrios informed the fishing season will end when the extractive activity reaches the total quota or if there is a high presence of juveniles. 

Likewise, the official indicated that zones —from Trujillo (La Libertad region) to Callao— were reopened in order to complete the quota and end the fishing season in the upcoming weeks. 

Furthermore, she recalled the season was suspended for 10 days in the Inca country's central and northern sea areas due to the presence of juveniles and in order to guarantee the sustainability of this marine resource. 

"The presence of juveniles means there are resources for the second fishing season," the Produce head expressed. 


Published: 7/9/2019
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