Peru: Fishery season reaches 97.84% of total quota

00:02 | Lima, Aug. 3.

Anchovy catches reached 97.84% of the total quota —during the exploratory and first fishing season in Peru's central and northern sea area, the Production Ministry (Produce) has informed.

This figure amounted to 2.054 tons of the total assigned quota.

It should be noted the anchovy's total maximum limit for indirect human consumption started on May 4 and was set at 2.1 million tons.

In this sense, the ministry noted this result was 26% higher than the average registered in the last three years, except for 2018, as it was an atypical year. 

This achievement was possible thanks to the responsible management of the resource and a juvenile protection policy.  

Malabrigo, Chimbote, Paracas, Coishco, and Callao Ports registered the highest volume of catches.

Likewise, the portion of fishes that were less than 12 cm reached 11.1%. This figure is below the 13% recommended by Peru's Sea Institute (Imarpe). 


Published: 8/3/2019