Peru: Fishing season catches account for over 78% of total quota

14:34 | Lima, Jun. 19.

Anchovy catches amounted to 1.641 million tons during the exploratory and first fishing season in Peru's central and northern sea area between April 28 and June 18, the Production Ministry (Produce) informed Wednesday.

This figure accounted for 78.18% of the total assigned quota. 

It should be noted anchovy's total maximum catch limit for indirect human consumption started on May 4 and was set at 2.1 million tons.

Likewise, Produce indicated anchovy landings were carried out at a daily rhythm of 43,000 tons between April and May. However, they decreased to 25,000 tons (per day) in June due to unusual swell. 

The highest catch volumes were registered in Malabrigo, Chimbote, Paracas, Callao, Coishco, and Tambo de Mora.

Furthermore, the portion of captured juveniles reached 9.71%. This figure is below the 13% projected by Peru's Sea Institute (Imarpe).

On the other hand, Produce pointed out 446 inspections have been carried out during the first fishing season in order to verify that the development of the extractive activity is performed in authorized areas. 

In this sense, Produce permanently supervises the development of anchovy fishing activities with the purpose of guaranteeing sustainability.


Published: 6/19/2019
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